TEDxTIU Radio Show is a bilingual podcast project by TEDxTIU organizers as a platform to spread information about our activities and other exciting monthly topics. Posted on Youtube every month.

Student Life in Japan from an International Perspective | TEDxTIU Radio Show Ep. 3

Do international students in Japan face discrimination? TIU alumni Bastian Harth and Bassim Hijazi share their struggles of being a foreigner and give insightful advice for students studying in Japan. If you’re interested in various Japanese social topics, such as closing the gender wage gap, thriving in a Japanese work environment, and supporting foreign refugees and asylum seekers, check out Bastian’s and Buzz’s podcast, the Bento Bureau!

English as a Second Language | TEDxTIU Radio Show Ep. 2

As a universal language, why is English so difficult for Japanese students? Does the problem lie within the education system or the lack of opportunities? In the second episode of our TEDxTIU Radio Show, we speak with Dahlia, a member of our organizing committee. Dahlia had only started learning English since high school but has developed excellent English skills! Tune in as we uncover the truth behind learning English in Japan.

Introductions | TEDxTIU Radio Show Ep. 1

Do you know the difference between TED and TEDx? The first episode of the TEDxTIU Radio Show is here! Tune in as Theo and Audrey introduce TEDxTIU activities and share their experiences. Beware of minor spoilers for our upcoming event!