Our Team

Saki Arimoto


🇯🇵 🇵🇭 | Junior at TIU | Business and Economics

Saki Arimoto - President of TEDxTIU

We, human beings, are deeply curious in nature, and this very nature is where ideas are formed. But what can be a challenge is having a platform to share these great ideas where more ideas can be generated. By bringing TEDx in reality on our very own stage, I aspire to witness an evolving community where we can freely express new ideas and share our curiosities.


Duong Trung Tin

Vice President

🇻🇳 | Junior at TIU | Business and Economics

Duong Trung Tin - Vice President of TEDxTIU

Sweet as honey, dark as coffee. Filled with curiosity, I venture through life with an empty head, dreaming and seeking joy. And at TEDxTIU now I lie.


Andri Ridhiani Putri

Head of Speaker Committee

🇮🇩 | Sophomore at TIU | International Relations

Andri Ridhiani Putri - Head of Speaker Committee

Ideas are everlasting and being a part of creating a platform where the local community can share theirs is a privilege for me! Through TEDx, everybody moves forward!


Naoki Moriyama

Co-Head of Finance Committee

🇯🇵 | Graduate student at TIU | International Relations

The night owl who is always thinking about linguistics, movies, deadlines for my papers, and my team members. Why? Those are, “spice” for life, what we humans stay alive for.


Nguyen Thanh Hai

Co-Head of Finance Committee

🇻🇳 | Junior at TIU | Business and Economics

Isn’t it interesting that a small, random idea in someone’s head can change the world? Someone wanted to keep track of time, so we have clocks. Someone once thought of putting wings on our backs to fly, and after years and years of development, we now have airplanes. There are many and many more exciting products of brilliant ideas that can make the world a better place. That is why I am so proud to be a part of TEDxTIU, where we share ideas that are worth spreading.


Munkhdelger Gerelkhuu (Munho)

Head of Event Committee

🇲🇳 | Junior at TIU| Business and Economics

I was lucky enough to hear the opinions of intelligent professors in our university and hear many various perspectives from different people, however, there are not a lot of platforms for these bright minds to be spread widely. This is why I am very lucky to be part of TEDxTIU.


Yuki Furuhata

Head of Translation Committee

🇯🇵 | Sophomore at TIU | International Relations

New community. Inspirational ideas. Precious experiences. Working for TEDxTIU as an organizer definitely broadens my world. How fortunate I am to have been able to contribute to TEDxTIU, improving myself at the same time!


Aini Rahmaulidina Santri

Head of Design Committee

🇮🇩 | Junior at TIU | International Relations

As someone who seeks inspiration from watching TED talks, my past self would be thrilled if she knows there’ll be a day where she gets to take part in the community. Being a TEDxTIU organizer gives me a golden ticket to boost my creativity, connect with open minded people, and the accelerator to stepping out of my comfort zone.


Do Thu Trang

Head of Logistics Committee

🇻🇳 | Junior at TIU | Business and Economics

One of my goal before graduating was actually to become an attendee in a TEDx-related event in Japan, so I did not expect that I could end my 2020 being a TEDxTIU organizer, start my 2021 with so many creative ideas and inspirations from the team (and a lot of work of course). It is really nice how through TEDxTIU, I get to work with a lot of people whom I already heard of before or met a few times on campus but we never got a chance to even talk. So I guess it is fair to say “The greatest adventure is what lies ahead”.


Hailee Quach

Head of Marketing Committee

🇻🇳 | Junior at TIU | Business and Economics

Innovative ideas are the fuels that keep our society running and moving forward. Unlike fossil fuels, the wealth of ideas becomes more abundant as humankind grows. I’m proud of being part of an organization that can generate these sustainable, invaluable fuels in the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”.