Tokyo International University (TIU) has a highly diverse community, which proudly celebrates thought-provoking ideas from its members with different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. These ideas need to be heard, and thus, providing a platform where members can share and listen would be beneficial for the students, staff, and the university as a whole.

With the aim to present such a platform and by adapting the format of TEDx events, TEDxTIU was founded in September 2020 by 5 students from different backgrounds with the help of their advisors: Professor Kuniko Ishiguro (Associate Professor of Management at the Institute of International Strategy at TIU) and Bastian Harth (Chairperson of TIU E-Track Alumni Association). This circle is a nonprofit student-run organization whose goal is to make a long-lasting community filled with people from diverse backgrounds.


TEDxTIU aims not only to facilitate exciting and thought-provoking discussions, but also to create meaningful connections despite cultural and lingual differences. We welcome diverse individuals to be part of this circle whether through becoming organizers who plan and lead TEDx events and workshops; through becoming speakers who bring in “ideas worth sharing” to the community; or through becoming active participants who are filled with curiosity and actively on the look for innovative ideas.

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